Why Celtic Compass

When journeying to new places or revisiting to get a deeper understanding of a place, in-depth knowledge can make all the difference between what would be termed a visit to a place and what would be termed an experience that is unforgettable, with memories that will last a lifetime.  Celtic Compass has been created to help people get a greater sense of the places they travel to;  the remote, ancient, sacred and less explored sites of Scotland. 

These are small group tours with more time spent at sites than travelling.  As these are small group tours it allows for a real connection to the places that we take you and time and the opportunity to make new friends for life. 

Your guides are all experts in their fields and passionate about their subjects, have many years experience of guiding and want to share their knowledge with you.  With Celtic Compass the magnificent country of Scotland is explored through storytelling, folklore, poetry, geology, history, art, spirituality, archeoastronomy and ecology.  This gives a fascinating and unique insight into this country.

Ancient Broch

The itineraries have been carefully designed to create magical experiences and really give a true flavour of what Scotland is all about and the wonderful things and incredible places it has to offer.  Travelling should bring great joy to your heart be invigorating and leave you feeling recharged and renewed and definitely inspired. We are delighted we are able to offer these journeys so you can explore these special places too. 

If you want to visit ancient yew trees, explore the mysteries of hidden glens, touch ancient standing stones, walk in the steps as 5th century monks and saints or learn the stories of Celtic heroes, villains and saints or climb a holy mountain, visit a holy well, understand how geology has influenced the landscape or just feel more connected to the earth these journeys will be a good fit for you. These are journeys off the beaten track.

“There is a profound joy felt by all who observe the natural world with a sustained and devoted intensity” – David Attenborough