Lovely words written about your guides and Celtic Compass

An Sgeulaiche – Scot

“To say that Scot is a ‘tour guide’ is like saying that the Louvre has some pretty paintings in it. Scot is one of only two official storytellers connected to the Clans of the Highlands, himself holding the position of Seanachaidh for Clan MacLean. His bio, however, does not begin or end there: he’s an historian, a musician and a human being with such an intimate knowledge of place, that it seems every blade of grass and every bend of trail recognizes his footfall as he steps quietly in the landscape – and steps into and out of time as he speaks. He’s as well-versed in contemporary concerns as he is with those of centuries past, and the tales he can weave together from these various threads are as rich in texture as the plaids he wears.” Loreen 

“Scot’s knowledge, his storytelling, his authenticness, his charm and his sense of humour made our family trip so extra special! We are thoroughly enjoying our visit to Scotland” Trish

“Scott was the BEST guide of Scotland that I could possibly imagine. A gentleman, a scholar, an artist, a free spirit, an authentic human being with a keen eye for meaning, humour, and beauty” Greg

James Westland

“Thanks to your efforts my next visit to Mull will be more like a treasure hunt.” John

“Many thanks for sharing these sites and your efforts with the world.
The Mull geology you feature is fascinating and is a good pointer to what would be great for the other Hebridean Islands.” Alan

“James “Seumas” Westland knowledge of the island’s geology is second to none. Seumas is the island’s go-to man for any geology questions. He also operates Mull Geology Tours, travelling all over the Islands to show people first hand the remarkable history beneath their feet.”

Grahame Gardner

“Grahame demonstrates mastery of his subject. It has been a privilege to hear him speak!”

“Grahame is a lot of fun, his enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“A trip with Grahame is always fascinating, extremely informative and great fun. He really knows his stuff and a lot more besides.”

“Grahame is an amazing dowser/geomancer.”


Sarah Ewing

“Sarah is kind, fun, enthusiastic and personable.  She is a passionate and intrepid traveller with a diligent, creative and very thorough approach.  Sarah is an excellent communicator and an original and inspirational thinker who enjoys sharing her great wealth of knowledge…. When it comes to a quality experience, Sarah is extremely discerning and only the best will do.  You are in a very safe pair of hands. Thank you for sharing all you know with us!”  Melissa
“Sarah provides an extraordinary experience. Her gifted ability to create immersive trips has left us with life long memories. Her and her team has a real talent for being knowledgeable and approachable, this allows you do discover so much more then you would have previously thought. I’m looking forward to a return visit.”  Alex  

What people say about adventures with Celtic Compass

Celtic Compass provides magical experiences by connecting their guests with enthusiastic experts at the most precious locations in Scotland. These tours are perfect for anyone who wants to know the real and ancient history of the land and its people.
And if the scheduled tours don’t meet your vacation schedule or go to the sites that you are looking for ~ private tours are easily arranged. Ask for suggestions ~ you’ll be glad that you did!

I was very fortunate to be able to participate in tours on the Isles of Iona, Ulva, and Mull, and to tour the Glen Lyon and Lothian regions. Each one was unique and provided me with a wealth of new experiences and excitement as my knowledge of Scotland expanded.
Sarah is especially helpful, responsive, kind as she makes sure that you have an experience that is just right for you.
I am anxiously anticipating my next opportunity to book new experiences through Celtic Compass. – Diane

I spent two wonderful weeks in Scotland thanks to the guidance of Celtic Compass. I recommend this travel company with great enthusiasm. My first week was with a small group, touring ancient sites on the mainland, mostly outdoors. The sense of a long and fascinating history was woven throughout our days there. What I learned stretched my view of history back thousands of years. We stayed in charming villages. The Rosslyn chapel was certainly the quirkiest, most interesting house of worship I had ever seen. I was in awe of how talented and whimsical artists in stone were in the 15th century.

The second week I spent on Iona, traveling alone but with the expert recommendations and reservations made by Sarah Ewing of Celtic Compass. My time on this tiny island with the history of ancient Celtic spirituality was a wonderful opportunity to slow down and appreciate nature and the timelessness of Iona. I am so grateful to Celtic Compass for providing the planning for my wonderful time away from day-to-day life, exploring and enjoying the richness of Scotland. – Julie

I really enjoyed this 1-day trip that took us just outside of Edinburgh. The views were fantastic and I probably wouldn’t know about the existance of the places we visited if it weren’t for Sarah and the trip she put together. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see some hidden gems and experience the beauty of Scottish nature. Sarah is a wonderful person to spend the day with and she went an extra mile to make sure the snacks were vegan. Thank you! There’s a bit of walking up a hill so make sure to wear sturdy shoes. – Marta

This turned out to be a very interesting trip.  The day turned out to be perfect for hiking through the hills and down to the lake. We saw grave mounds, a couple of churches with early history and really interesting gravestones and markers. Vista views of the countryside and fields of flowers. A bonus was having lunch on a river boat. – Gail