The Dragon's Flight

The Old Ways – an exploration of the splendour & mysteries of ancient Wales ~ Cymru



Hilltop Castle Coast ViewStone circle

  • Discover the lair of reputedly the last dragon of Wales.
  • Travel on a spectacular Welsh railway line through wonderful scenery.
  • Find peace at one of Wales’s remotest churches.
  • Explore ancient woods to discover stunning waterfalls said to be gateways to the otherworld.
  • Walk in the footsteps of monks at a grand medieval abbey – a place of pilgrimage.
  • Journey through an incredible green wilderness.
  • Be amazed by ancient standing stones and holy wells mentioned in the Domesday Book. 
  • Find out what life was like in the iron age at an extraordinary ancient fort.
  • Be in awe of an ancient yew over 5000 years old.
  • Travel the route along one of Wales’s most beautiful rivers inhabited since ancient times.
  • Visit a church with the most perfect examples of an ancient Celtic cross and stones inscribed with Ogham script.
  • Breathe in the exhilarating fresh air of the Welsh seaside.
  • Take a trip round a renowned organic distillery and visit an artisan cheese maker.
  • Feel the ancient power of Wales’ most romantic ruined castle and the secrets its sacred cave holds.
  • Canoe through a beautiful gorge with wildlife in abundance past a medieval castle.
  • Visit a traditional woollen mill still creating designs passed down many generations.
  • Feast on delicious offerings of Welsh hospitality.

This is a fully guided tour by experts in the landscape interpretation through archaeoastronomy; geomancy, folklore and storytelling bringing the places you visit vividly to life and showing you the hidden secrets of these places.  Your guides for this tour are Ros Briagha and Sarah Ewing.

Full itinerary, pricing and dates to be announced shortly – August 2019.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

John Muir


Celtic Cross